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Accidents in forklift operation are also common. In order to avoid accidents, the driver of forklift operation should understand the operation specifications.
First of all, before the operation of the second-hand forklift, we need to check the integrity of the forklift braking system and whether the battery power is sufficient. If defects are found, we will handle them before operation.
After checking before operation, you can start smoothly. Before turning, you must decelerate in advance. Don't drive too fast at normal speed. Brake and stop smoothly.
During daily maintenance, we should check the electrolyte regularly. Remember not to use open fire to illuminate to check the battery electrolyte.
When the forklift is handling goods, it is not allowed to use a single fork to run the goods or lift the goods with the fork. Only when the fork is fully inserted under the goods and the goods are evenly placed on the fork can it be handled.
No one is allowed to stand on the forklift, and no one is allowed to run on the forklift.
After the forklift completes its operation, we need to stop stably, lower the fork to the ground, place the forklift neatly, stop and disconnect the whole vehicle.
When we are working, we should handle the goods with large size carefully, and do not handle the goods that are not fixed or loose
When our forklift is charging, we should first disconnect the forklift working system from the battery, then connect the battery to the charger, then connect the charger to the power socket and turn on the charger.
How should used forklifts be maintained?
When the second-hand forklift fails, sometimes the temperature will gradually decrease, and the weather change is also very relevant. In summer and autumn, attention should be paid to the maintenance of second-hand forklifts. The maintenance and inspection of second-hand forklifts in this quarter should ensure the following aspects.
External maintenance: there are many small dew drops in autumn morning and evening. The appearance of the forklift is usually wet. If there are relevant scratches on the body, it should be painted immediately to prevent moisture and corrosion at the scraped position. Due to the erosion of the harm of acid rain in summer and the exposure of the sun in summer, the car body paint must be oxidized in the air. In the severe cold season, it is very good to make the appearance of the forklift go through cleaning, maintenance, maintenance and spraying.
Hub cover: in forklift driving, the wheel cover has a very key effect. In summer, due to the high temperature, the tire pressure standard should be checked frequently. It is not necessary to make the tire pressure standard too high, otherwise, there will be a risk of tire burst; In autumn, because the temperature is low, the tire provides working pressure and maintains it within a certain range. In addition, it is necessary to check the scratched tire. In autumn and winter, the simple caking of vulcanized rubber and crisp tire are very easy to leak steam. The tire often needs to be polished and even dirty.
Protection of the cockpit: check the car oil, brake oil and car antifreeze on the engine cover to see if the car oil is sufficient, whether it produces growth, whether the car oil circulation system is disassembled and replaced, and whether the car oil is like the blood night of a car. Change the circulation system to ensure that the car oil circulation system is smooth.
Repair and maintenance of braking system: the temperature difference is large in summer night, which simply forms the expansion and collapse deformation of the body. It is often necessary to check whether the braking system is weakened, whether the amplitude of the brake pedal is changed, and clean the braking system of all pipelines.
Maintain the ventilation duct and cooling fan: if the maintenance ventilation duct or cooling fan is used on your forklift, it is very suitable to observe this kind of machinery and equipment in summer, or after summer, or in the coming winter. Then the wind is also normal. Whether the exhaust pipe is brittle or any other problems can be handled immediately.
Maintenance inspection of air inlet or air inlet: check whether there is dirt on all parts. If there is dirt, it can be blown away with air compression; In addition, whether the area can be cleaned from the inside to the outside when the module is cooled.
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